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A mobile payment app that rewards you each time you spend

About Droplet

Droplet is a mobile payment app that’s easy to use and completely fee-free for everyone

Droplet Rewards lets you collect rewards on your phone when you spend – meaning no more fiddling around with bits of stamped paper

Plus Droplet Rewards means you don’t have to queue to pay in the places you go regularly – you’ll simply get notified of how much you’ve spent

Download Droplet Rewards now for iOS or Android, add a card, and you’re ready to go:

Droplet Rewards Droplet Rewards
Or, if you're looking for our original product: Droplet Social Droplet Social


Droplet is an app that lets your customers pay you with their phones.

It’s different to contactless, credit cards or Paypal because with Droplet there are no transaction fees.

Plus you can reward your customers for their loyalty in a couple of taps.

All you need to start using Droplet is any web-connected device at your point of sale. Joining is free, and there are no transaction fees for anyone.

Sign up online any time. We’ll have you set up by the next working day.

Become a Droplet Ambassador

We're looking for sociable, networked and self-motivated people to introduce Droplet to their community.

Walk around, have coffee, have lunch. Eat, explore, meet people. Bring merchants on board and host user growth events.

This position is all about building relationships and trust, not sales.


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